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alexandre de tychey

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A singer songwriter born in Luxembourg, Alexandre de Tychey started his musical trip as the frontman of two metal bands, Evil Sideburns and Lightmare. He stands out very quickly by his vocal mastery and his writings oriented towards emotions, feelings and personal enrichment. This experience has allowed him to confirm his vocal signature and to perform in record studios. He has built strong relationships with his audience giving live shows from Nancy to Paris through Luxembourg and Belgium.

His solo project starts in 2017. After spending some time publishing covers of several songs that marked his teenage years, Alexandre launches in the writing of a full length album. Inspiration comes from his will to mix his rock/metal influences with a futuristic urban touch, maintaining a psychological dimension in his lyrics. This rising alchemy is a big step forward on the long way to make Alexandre’s ultimate dream come true – to bring good vibes to all of you using his voice.

“Every human has the power to live twice. The second life begins when we don’t feel concerned by what others think anymore“

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